“I’ve heard that some of you students have expressed a particular interest in learning some of the forbidden and dark arts of magic... I could teach you these skills but in order for me to do so you must first prove your loyalty to me, your dedication to the dark arts and skill in magic.”

A group of 2-6 magical students must attempt to prove themselves worthy of joining a dark coven of witches and warlocks in 30 minutes or failure may cost you more than detention!

We strongly recommend booking your places in advance should you wish to take part in the Escape Room, as available spaces are extremely limited.

Click the button below, then choose the WizCon booking option, and click the time you require.

Please note: You will require a WizCon entry ticket to gain entry to the escape room, and you may be joined by other people to make up the full compliment of 6 players.

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Please note:
The Escape Room is run by Hour Escape Rooms of Peterborough. Bookings are taken through them directly and issues with your booking should be addressed to them, as neither WizCon or The Cresset will have access to any booking information.

Click here for their website.

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